Do your home design clients

really understand the value

of your expertise?

You need professional web design and marketing that CLEARLY shows you as the go-to expert design business, because it will keep your pipeline full and attract your dream design clients with higher budgets.

Designer vs Caveman

It is really difficult to convince your new design clients that you are an expert home designer capable of taking care of their home needs, when you let your own website look like it was designed by a caveman.

There are always only 3 reasons people don't buy from you:

  • 1
    They don't like you.
  • 2
    They don't trust you.
  • 3
    They don't want what you offer.

So you need to make sure they understand exactly what you have to offer, before they discount you based on an ineffective website.

 Become the beautiful expert you are.

Elegant branding and user experience are the most important elements to have on your website.

People don't buy because of your product. They buy you.

It is therefore incredibly important that they get

the full visual experience when they find you online.

They must be presented your most beautiful past work and get a feeling for the result they get by working with you.




Barbara Feinstein

Principal Designer, B Fein Interiors, New York

Crowndeer, directed by Laurits Christensen, created a new website for me that was precisely what my business needed. 

My old website was dated and unattractive.

Now it’s fresh-looking and “current.”  

It’s designed specifically to reach my target audience.

However, I was unprepared for the outstanding level of support and patience provided to me during the process.  Any and every edit or change I requested was made - with absolutely zero attitude or resistance. 

The Crowndeer team did offer their opinion if they thought there was a better way to achieve my goal. They are not an automaton:  they are an active and interested collaborator. 

There’s an expression: if something looks too good to be true, it is.

Crowndeer is an exception to that truism.

They really are that good!

I recommend Crowndeer and Laurits Christensen without reservations.



What We do for you


For you who love design, we know how to make you fall in love.

We design and build you a custom website, so you stand out as an expert among all the "long-lost-and-forgotten" designers on the web.


It's a usual dilemma for home designers and their portfolio on their website:

Beautiful & Slow or Dull-But-Fast

Doesn't have to be like that. We optimize your portfolio perfectly for your website, so you keep the crispness without the slowing.


The big reason you are not getting clients online is because they can not use your website properly.

To avoid this, we place the most critical elements in eye's sight, and make the journey for your new clients easy to follow.

(This means more leads for you)

What we don't do


Squarespace is a nice platform that is loaded with pretty templates.

However, our goal is to make you look unique and experty, and unfortunately we can't serve you by using Squarespace.


We build it. You own it.

It is important for us that you feel in control and that once your design is delivered, you don't have to worry about unnecessary retainers like with others.


We've heard too many scary stories about agencies that deliver a half-finished project and then just disappears, leaving you confused and unserved.

We are here for you before, during and after your project is delivered.


The People Behind You


marketing & Sales

Our mission above all is to bring you up to expert status via strong messaging and marketing...



... keep you organized and on track to getting your online presence "up there"...



... and make you look strong and beautiful - 100% branded for industry leadership.

Here's What's Next


Later on this page you will see "The Rundown" of exactly what you get and how much you invest.

When you click order now, you will be directed to our checkout page to complete your purchase.

After you complete your order, you will be redirected to our on-boarding process, where we will learn everything about you and your business, and retrieve the material necessary to transform your online presence into that of a true home design expert!


Our on-boarding series is designed to help you through the often time-consuming and confusing process of providing us with what we need to make you a home design expert online.

It's a total Easy-as-One-Two-Three painfree process.


As soon as you have completed your on-boarding, we will get straight to work!

First, our designer will hand-sketch your website, making sure that every element and feature is presented in the right way at the right time.

This step usually takes 3-5 business days.


Once your design draft is ready, it is translated into the web with codes and graphics.

During this process, we are optimizing your portfolio images, so your website will be loading fast without losing the crispness of your amazing portfolio photos.

Once you agree on the looks, we will start optimizing your new website for mobile.

This step usually takes 5-7 business days.


In the secret backstage of your project, we have been strategizing a fool proof marketing strategy that will put you on top of your target market's minds, so you will never be forgotten. 

The marketing campaign will be presented and discussed with you, so you know all the details of how it works.


The day the champagne pops! It's the Big L-Day!

Once you have clearly accepted everything we've made for you, we will be transferring your website to your desired domain address, and turn on your marketing campaign.

This is always incredibly exciting, as this marks the day for when you entered the Expert Home Designer - Online status.


Save 33% Today!



  • Hand Designed in United States
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Optimization of up to 50 portfolio images
  • Easy-to-Use Blog
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • COMING SOON: Crowndeer Expert Marketing University (value: $2,000)
  • Less than 30 Days Delivery
  • Pay $499 Today and $499 in 30 days.

SSL-Encrypted Payment


Is hosting and domain included?

If you need hosting, we will be more than happy to host you.

When you start your order, you will be given the option to get 50% off a full year of our stellar hosting and security package.

Domain is kind of a "personal" thing, so we would prefer not to supply your domain for your own safety. We will be 100% assisting in getting you one with a 3rd party if needed.


What happens after I complete
my order?

As soon as you have completed your order, you will be taken to our educational on-boarding series.

Here you will be carefully instructed in what you need to provide and how to do it for your project to run as smooth as possible.


How does the home design marketing work?

One of the most confusing areas of being a home designer online is to market yourself, right?

Here's how it works with us:

  • 1
    After your new website is completed, we setup "trackers" so your pages know who is visiting specific projects and pages that indicate the visitor is interested in working with you.
  • 2
    We then let Facebook and Instagram know that "Hey, if the visitors of this home designer website behave in these certain ways, then we would like to show them an ad based on their behaviour to make them more interested in getting started."
  • 3
    Once everything is setup and working, we handover the keys to you and educate you on proper use, so you can control your budget based on how much work you can take in.

This is obviously over-simplified, but we do hope

the grand idea is clear :-)


What if I regret my purchase?

No worries, we understand how exciting it is to get started with something life changing that rushed decisions are sometimes made.

You can cancel your order within 7 days by writing to and we'll refund your deposit ASAP.

No hard feelings.

Note: there may be deducted a 2%-5% payment transfer fee from your deposit for the payment processor company.


How can I be sure I will like the finished design?

We will work day and night to make you satisfied!

However, if you're hesitant to begin your transformation to an expert online presence then we would like to offer you to do a website mockup for you.

The mockup will give you a peek into the future, so you can rest assured that you're getting what you really want.

To inquire for a mockup, please write an email to with the subject line "Mockup".


I need a website, but not ready to start marketing - is that possible?

Obviously, if you do not feel like our online marketing is for you then YES! It is absolutely possible to go for a web design only.

If that is the case, please write us on an email.


We're raising our prices in 2019.

We're doing it for you!

You see, our mission is to make sure you as a designer not only look beautiful online, but also get to improve your personal life through a thriving and ever-growing home design business.

To meet our own expectations in this mission, we need to hire experts from outside, develop new marketing strategies and produce higher quality content for you, so you can stay ahead of the competition and become a better and stronger design business.

If you're considering jumping in on our Expert Designer Package then there has never been a better time than today!

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